Speed and reliability are major factors that can determine success and failure in the business world. Long waiting times or large pre-orders! are meaningless words while working with us. All products that we produce are permanently/seasonally available in our stock and deliverable within a few days.
Also, throughout the small order give-ability, you can always act short notice and take no financial risk.


In order to expand our dealer network nationwide and to guarantee a fair partnership, we make sure right from the start. As a business partner, you can enjoy a healthy level of exclusivity business.
In addition, with our brand, you would have the privilege of pricing your own products, regardless of the price pressure of established brands in your region.
Conversating with our sales team, we will be happy to explain your further benefits.


Are you looking for a brand with potential? Then you have found what you are looking for! We want to expand our business also, expand our sales network internationally. We are looking for self-confident Entrepreneurs and strong partners outside of the UK.

If you are a wholesaler or have a functioning distribution network in your area, please contact us to discuss possible/further cooperation.

What do we offer?

Cotton Premier & VCA TEXTIL

All styles, designs and brands are created by VCA Textil. As well as producing its own raw material, VCA Textil then manufactures them in its own factory. This is the strongest bind between passion and our job. With our expertise and industry knowledge, we aim to introduce our quality brands & products to the UK market. Multiple size, various colours and designs. All kind of cotton materials also Bamboo, Spandex, CoolMax and Organic Cotton products. If you want to join us! please do not hesitate to make contact. Competitive market prices will be waiting for you.

If you are a trader: Do you want to change your product variations? You are surrounded with same brands/price and same poor quality. Here’s another option because we’d like to help you. You can Re-Create your Shop/Stall from bottom to end with our 400 different product type and available in multiple selection (size, colour, quality etc).

If you are a retailer: You want to find regulated products? Hosiery Underwear Tights Thermal clothes. ALL-IN-ONE Guaranteed.! Every time, same colour, design and size would be available thanks to the NOS program. Also each year, at least 25 new designs will be added on our recent catalogue.

If you have a shop: Do you want to improve your potential? You want to sell products but, are they very expensive to buy? In our Store you are able to shop as a retailer or wholesaler. Or we can help you to create a new impressive front-look for your shop.

If you are a Wholesaler: To work with our products and brands please fill the contact form for further information.

+44 7568 609099